1. The public limited company under the name CARNER A.E. " which is based in the Municipality of Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, on Proektasi Meandrou Street, and is legally represented for the signature of the present by Mr. Ioannis Symeonidis (hereinafter "the Organizer"), announces a Competition called "Carner Competition on Facebook" "Competition"), which will be conducted through its website on "Facebook", under the address "https://www.facebook.com/carner.gr/", as well as www.carner.gr (hereinafter the "Website »).

2. All permanent residents of Greece over 14 years of age (hereinafter the "Participants") can participate in the Competition. Entrants under the age of 18 may be required to provide the written consent of their parents or guardians or their guardians at any time during the Contest and at the time of receipt of the prizes will be given in the context of the Competition.
3. The employees of the Organizer and the company "AUTO GS SA", as well as the spouses and relatives of the above up to the first degree are not eligible to participate in the Competition.
4. In order to participate in the Competition, the purchase of any product of the Organizer is not required.
5. The duration of the Competition is defined as the time period mentioned in the competition on facebook.
6. Subject to the provisions of terms 2 and 3 hereof, during the Contest any Participant or user of the Organizer's Website may participate in the Contest and enter a draw to win prizes, by registering one or more proposals as follows, provided that:
a) maintains an active user account ("account") on the social networking site "Facebook" (under the address "www.facebook.com") and
b) has stated electronically, through a special application on the "Facebook" website, that he is a "fan" of the Organizer's Website
c) has commented on the post in our contest on facebook and

d) and has "shared" the posting of the competition

7. The Organizer has the right to verify the validity of the participations and to exclude any Participant who attempts to illegally interfere in the participation process or whose participation does not comply with these terms. In addition, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel at any time the participation of any Participant in the Competition or to prohibit his further participation, at its sole discretion, at any time, even without notice, as long as he deems that his participation comes in contrary to the provisions of the law or is done in bad faith or abusively or contrary to good faith or good and business morals.

8. Each Participant can win a prize through the draw, only one (1) time.

9. After the expiration of the Competition, a draw will be held at the Office of the Organizer in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, on the Meandros Extension, PC 57013, in the presence of its legal representative.

10. The Winner will be announced with the username he uses on "Facebook" on the Website of the Organizer and will be notified by sending an email to the account he maintains on "Facebook".
11. The Winners will be entitled to accept their prize, responding electronically to the above email and giving their details, within one (1) month from the sending to them of the original email above. If this time has elapsed and the Winner has not responded for any reason to the email sent to him or his Facebook account has any problem or malfunction or has been deactivated, as well as if he has refused or is inactive for any reason to receives his gift or if his address is incorrect, he does not live, is absent or not there or if his participation is canceled or if the conditions for his participation in the Competition are not met, he loses any right or claim on the specific gifts and these remain in the hands of the Organizer, who has the right to use them or make them available as they wish. The Organizer is not responsible for any fruitless attempts to notify the Winners due to non-receipt or non-reading by them, for any reason, of the above e-mail, as well as for any non-sending for any reason to the Organizer of the aforementioned unanswered e-mail. acceptance by the Winners or non-receipt of this message for any reason by the Organizer.
12. The Organizer is not responsible for any actual defects that may occur in the gifts, for any damage or injury suffered by anyone who uses them nor promises or guarantees the fulfillment of the contractual or other obligations of any third party in relation to such gifts. At any time and for any reason the Organizer may replace the provided gifts with others of equal value, at its absolute discretion.
13. The gifts that will be delivered according to these terms are provided with the reason for the announcement, excluding the application of the provisions on the seller's liability or other provisions establishing liability regarding real defects, agreed qualities, etc., against the Organizer. . In any case, the responsibility of the Organizer is limited to any acts or omissions due to malice or gross negligence and does not extend to any incidental events or force majeure that may occur in relation to it.
14. The participation in the Competition and the gifts that will be given are absolutely specific and personal, non-transferable and are not exchanged for money nor can it be requested to be replaced by others.
15. The Organizer reserves the right to modify and / or cancel the Contest or to change its dates or any other terms, to change the prizes offered with others of equal value during the Contest, the way they are provided and their number with notice before the change takes effect. These changes will be announced to the public two (2) days before the entry into force of the change through the websites "https://www.facebook.com/carner.gr/" and / or "www.carner.gr". The Organizer may also terminate the Contest without notice for reasons of public interest or force majeure.
16. The Participants who visit the Website and use its applications and in general the possibilities it gives, should not insult the public etiquette and good manners or enter sensitive data or material that contains offensive price and dignity content towards Public or Administrative Authority or any third party. The Organizer reserves the right to block the posting of offensive, immoral and illegal content on the Website of the Contest without notice.
17. However, although the Organizer has the ability to supervise and take measures for the proper use of the Website, it is possible at any time to present in that language or in general material that may be inappropriate for minors. The Organizer can not guarantee that the Participants will not post material on the above Website, which may be deemed inappropriate by other Participants or the parents or those who have parental care of minors. The Organizer bears no responsibility for any access through the internet to information, goods and services that are contrary to the law, good morals or are inappropriate or inappropriate for certain categories of persons and especially for minors. If the internet user considers that the material posted on the above Website or part of it infringes in any way his rights or the rights of third parties, he can send a relevant e-mail to info@carner.gr, specifying the material or the section the material it considers offensive and the reasons for its claim.
18. Participation in the Competition presupposes the access of the interested parties to the internet (internet) with their own technical means. The Organizer bears absolutely no responsibility if for reasons beyond its control or for reasons of force majeure (indicative, problems or technical malfunctions of telephone networks or lines, online computer systems, server or provider, computer components, software, non-sending or receiving due to lack of available space or due to technical problems or congestion on the internet or any website or due to a combination of these events, disconnection from the internet, as well as computer viruses, malicious or illegal actions or interventions of third parties, fraudulent actions) or the submission of the entries or the messages of the participants in the Competition fails or the electronic files that must be kept and that relate to this Competition are destroyed partially or completely.
19. If it is found that any Participant or user of the above websites violates or there are suspicions that he attempts to violate their network, system or software, his participation in the Contest is canceled immediately and the Organizer reserves the right to report the matter to the competent authorities.
20. The Participants give the Organizer the right, in case they participate and win prizes, to publish their name, for advertising purposes internally or in any medium and in any way, without any remuneration other than that of the Prize of the Competition.
21. In the context of the Competition, the Organizer will keep a file with the personal data of the Winners mentioned above (name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, landline and / or mobile phone number, home address, username) used in « Facebook ", which will be processed exclusively for reasons related to the conduct of the Contest and the promotion of sales of goods of the Organizer. of the Participants will be kept for as long as is reasonably necessary for the needs for which they are collected.Each Participant has the right of access as well as the right to object to the processing of his data in accordance with the provisions of articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997 on protection against the processing of personal data, and may e communicates for the exercise of the above rights with Mr. Darras Athanasios (6 Tsimiski Street, PC 54624 Thessaloniki tel. 2310 260222 e-mail adaras@geodar.gr, and the Organizer is appointed responsible for processing the needs of this law.
22. Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.
23. Those who wish to be further informed about the Competition, can send a relevant request to the email address "info@carner.gr".
24. These terms are governed by and supplemented by Greek law and any dispute related to the Competition is resolved by the competent courts of Thessaloniki. The terms of participation in the Competition have been submitted to where any interested party can receive a copy of them at his own expense. They are also available to anyone interested through the websites "https://www.facebook.com/carner.gr/" and "www.carner.gr".