What is the European Youth Card?


It is a discount card that provides significant benefits to 5 million young people across Europe!

This is an important tool in the hands of young people, as:

·         facilitates their daily life, providing them with offers and discounts on a large number of products and services.

·         Promotes mobility, offering benefits in transportation, accommodation and other travel services.

·     It provides information through the many communication channels available to its members - national and regional websites, magazines, newsletters, discount lists, social media groups and more.

·    Informs young people about their rights and obligations as consumers and recipients of services, as well as how to exercise them.



European Youth Card: strictly for young people only!


Ö  It can be obtained by all young people, aged 13-30 years

Ö  It costs 10 Euros

Ö  It is valid for one year and can be renewed every year until the age of 30.



You can apply for a European Youth Card here!



More information on the phones 213 131 4411-14