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Antifreeze & Battery Tester APA 21056 2 Pcs

Use: to check antifreeze and battery acidEase of useWith fast color coding to read accuratelyEasy to clean..

Antifreeze Gauge 92502

Professional antifreeze tester!Made in Germany...

Antifreeze Tester 2225 1pc

Glass hydrometer with intake tube and internal float, designed to measure car coolant fluid...

Antifreeze Tester Hydro Temp Made In Germany 21064

To check the radiator antifreeze For ethylene glycol, reading accurate to 0.5°C Drip-free suction channel No air bubbles Rotatable measuring unit Can be tilted at will Hydrostatic backstop All-..

Coolant And Battery Portable Refractometer Amio Amio 02507

This portable refractometer is used to determine the specific gravity (sg) of electrolyte solution batteries as well as the freezing point of propylene or ethylene glycol-based refrigerants at degrees..

Double Thermometer Black 22050

Digital thermometer-clock, displays on the screen the time and the current temperature in the range from 0 to 50 ° C using internal sensors.CAUTION ! they want a new battery and we press the on / off ..

Liquid Battery Tester 17220


Professional Dual Tire Gauge 220 Psi 15992

Save Gas and Tire Wear with proper tire inflation ...
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