Cleaning Set

Cleaning Set
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Cleaning Set Feral 3 Pcs

1. A quality shampoo by Feral with 1000ml silicone, gives incredible shine even to old cars. For many uses, 1 cap in the bucket is enough for a wash2. Bucket for washing and oil change.3. Feral A qual..

Cleaning Set Full Pack Premium Feral 23 Pcs

If you are one of those people who have taken their car wash to another level, if you want a perfect result then this complete set of cleaners is what you need.A set that includes the whole range of t..

Cleaning Set With Bag 28.5x28.5cm Guard 5 Pcs

The set includes: 1 Washing sponge 1 dashboard polishing sponge 1 microfiber towel 1 Windshield wiper 1 Folding Bucket 10 liters And all this in a practical bag with zipper !!!..

Cleaning Set With Bag Feral 8 Pcs

Complete set of cleaners in storage and transport bag includes:1 leather1 sponge1 microfiber towel 30cmX40cm (1 piece)1 shampoo with Feral silicone 1000ml1 Feral rim cleaner 500ml1 Feral tire preserva..

Diy Headlight Restoration Kit Set 13 Pcs

Kit for defogging and polishing the lanterns with simple application and use.The car’s polished headlights not only improve the exterior of the vehicle, but also provide better lighting during night d..

Feral Cleaning Set With 18Lt Bucket 9 Pieces

Ideal giftThis unique car cleaning set is an ideal gift for every car lover. It contains everything for someone who loves to take care of hos/hers vehicle needs. Treatment that covers cleaning and pol..
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